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The brief

To create original integrated sounds for Libratone’s range of wireless audio products.

The opportunity

Libratone is a brand with high quality sound at its core. This was a chance to give an audio brand a voice of its own, and for the sounds we created to be intrinsically associated with their products. The work we produced would have the double purpose of reinforcing the meaning of a user interaction and the brand’s personality.


Our approach

We knew that these were going to be sounds which users heard regularly and that they needed to sound distinctive, memorable and satisfying. 

With this in mind, our aim was to create novel sounds out of familiar ones. We made recordings of natural materials such as wooden blocks played percussively, which we then produced electronically for bespoke Libratone sound with a specific meaning and purpose. We wanted the “on” sound, for example, to be a gateway into the Libratone product world, an invitation to listen. 

The result

While this brief didn’t explicitly include a sonic logo, we treated the “on” sound as the closest thing to one – it felt important to capture the brand in this anticipatory moment and took inspiration from the Libratone logo: a nightingale. 

We started by recording pieces of wood and wooden blocks to create a rhythm cast by natural sounds, and over this we played a melody which sounds almost whistled, like rhythmic birdsong, for an effect that both engaged and calmed listeners. 

We also created sounds to help communicate different stages of the setup process and to elevate interactions, such as connecting a new device or to announce that the battery is low.