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The Modern House

The brief

The Modern House is an estate agency which sells thoughtfully designed homes across the UK. They approached us to create a sonic identity and to compose an original track for their new podcast, Homing In.

The challenge

We have admired The Modern House for the beautiful homes they sell, their belief that design can be a force for good, and how they have achieved success by championing architectural craft and design. Distilling all of this into sound was an exciting opportunity.


Our approach

We began with two conceptual ideas: ‘the sound of spaces’ and ‘the sound of foundations’. The first was a sonic exploration celebrating the acoustical differences between spaces. In the second, we took the word ‘foundation’ - both the structural kind, and the metaphor for the basis of relationships – as a starting point. 

The Modern House chose an approach which combined elements of both concepts.

The result

We used sounds such as light piano and ambient washes to produce ‘Foundations’, a playful and reflective track of just under 90 seconds. 

Our intention was for listeners to feel a sense of serenity – as though time is slowing down and space is opening up – much like we imagine it feels to be in one of The Modern House’s properties. 

We then distilled some of the track’s most characteristic sounds, such as the upward build of some piano notes and wooden percussion, into a sonic identity of six seconds. The Modern House featured us in their Journal at the end of production. 

Brand sound scape

Sonic logo

Podcast incidental 1

Podcast incidental 2

Podcast incidental 3

Podcast incidental 4

The Modern House
The Modern House