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National Trust x Outernet London

Immersive, Other

Outernet London

The brief

Outernet London is a free to access venue in central London, or ‘public galleries’ featuring giant ultra HD screens that deliver unparalleled audio-visual experiences, and has become the capital’s most visited attraction. Outernet approached us to create the music and sound design for their collaboration with The National Trust, an organization which protects the UK’s heritage sites. In spring 2024, they produced Nature’s Confetti together, an immersive film to celebrate the British cherry blossom during its season.

The opportunity

Our task was to help immerse audiences in nature from the unexpected vantage point of a big screen in central London. Music and sound design enhanced the visual beauty of the cherry blossom on-screen and plunged viewers into a natural world made accessible by the National Trust. The arrival of cherry blossom is a visually arresting moment in the British seasons, but is something mostly associated with Japanese Sakura. Nature’s Confetti had the added objective of showing people the natural beauty on their doorstep in the UK, and how the National Trust opens doors to experiencing it.

Our approach

We composed an original score using piano, flutes and subtle vocals. We wanted the piece to evolve with the opening of the blossom, using music to underpin the growth of stems, buds and unfurling petals. 

The result

The film was a multisensory experience that immersed audiences in the evolution of cherry blossom, transporting them outside of the city. They were left with a sense of the sublime, a feeling of awe at the miracle of nature.