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Aston Martin                  

Sonic identity for iconic luxury sports car brand 

Aston Martin                          

We worked with the design partnership Design Bridge to develop a sonic identity for Aston Martin, a key brand asset to be used in all motion and audio content they produce

Our challenge was to capture both the brand’s heritage and its modernity: a sonic identity that invoked the timelessness of these incredible machines. While the design, features and engines of cars change over time, the raw feeling of sitting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin probably doesn’t. So, for our inspiration we looked to the human aspect of driving one. How could we communicate that sonically? How might we convey the power of these incredible cars through the sounds of human physicality? 

In this instance, Design Bridge’s brand film helped pave the way for the eventual sonic identity. In it, we see close-ups of someone driving an Aston Martin: their dilated pupil, the hairs on their arm standing up, a bead of sweat. We built on this, first creating the sound design of a quickening heartbeat, some sharp intakes of breath, and the prickle of perspiration, before distilling the drama of these visceral body sounds into the sonic identity at the film’s close. This is the sonic essence of Aston Martin: something in between a deep breath and winged ascent. It suggests that while an Aston Martin car is of this world, driving one is an experience unlike any other

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